© Neustift Gasthof Luger (6) © Gästeverein Neustift-Peter Podpera
Neustift Gasthof Luger (6) © Gästeverein Neustift-Peter Podpera

Car-free tips for your holiday at the Hotel Luger.

The 4* Hotel Luger is located directly on the Danube, the Danube Cycle Path and the Donausteig. The family-run accommodation is also widely known for its fish specialities, which are best enjoyed on the terrace with a view of the Danube.

The hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring many attractive excursion destinations in the surrounding area without a car. Get inspiration now on how to really enjoy your car-free holiday at Hotel Luger.

Starting point: Hotel Luger, Kramesau 4 (CAUTION for NAVI: 4143 Neustift), A-4085 Wesenufer

1/2-day tour for cycling enthusiasts

Means of transport: E-bike

Cycling towards the sky on the R1.06 Penzenstein circuit

Magnificent summit bike tour in the Upper Danube Valley to the panoramic Pfarrkirchen im Mühlkreis at 840 m, the highest point of all Danube tours! There is much to discover along the route:


Final highlight:

Perpendicular view of the Danube from the Penzenstein

Length: approx. 40 km

Altitude difference: 790

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Lively with the e-bike on the R1.07 Mühlviertler Dom-Runde

The second magnificent summit bike tour in the Upper Danube Valley European Conservation Area also leads first to the Pfarrkirchen im Mühlkreis panoramic view at 840 m, the highest point of all the Danube tours! But then branches off to the highest building in the Mühlviertel in Niederkappel: the Mühlviertel Cathedral. Along the way are highlights such as

Length: approx. 53 km

Altitude difference: 770

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1/2-day trip for cycling & chocolate lovers

Means of transport: E-bike

Cycling trip for chocolate tigers

Time for indulgence is the name of the game on this trip to the chocolate manufacture. Katrin and Kurt Wöss' "Schoko-Laden" offers visitors a wide selection of handmade delicacies during opening hours on Fridays from 2 - 6 p.m. Guided tours and tastings are possible at any time by telephone arrangement. To reach the chocolate manufacture in Neustift, it is advisable to get on your e-bike, because it goes against the signs of the R1.06 up the Donauleiten to Pühret. The path is worth it!

If you want to work off the calories after the chocolate treat, you can continue by bike to the Donaublick from the Penzenstein with a wonderful panoramic view of the Danube valley.

Length: approx. 6.5 km (one route)

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Day trip for hiking enthusiasts

Means of transport: on foot

In the footsteps of Bishop Firmian on the Donausteig circuit to Neustift

Varied hiking trail with ascents and descents, magnificent views of the Danube and along the idyllic Ranna through the unspoilt Ranna Valley nature reserve. The trail is dedicated to Count Leopold Ernst von Firmian, who gave Empress Maria Theresa the impetus for school reform.

Length: approx. 13 km
(access from the hotel via Burgherrenweg approx. 3 km)

Other hiking trails in Neustift:

Donausteig circuit

1/2-day trip for cycling & hiking enthusiasts

Means of transport: E-bike and on foot

Fit & Fun at the Rannastausee

By bike on the R1.06 directly to Neustift (it is recommended to get on an e-bike, because it goes against the signs of the R1.06 up the Donauleiten to Neustift) and continue on the L1540 Rannatalstraße to the Rannatalsperre.

"Fit & Fun am Rannastausee" is a new motor skills and exercise trail that includes 12 motor skills stations.

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Day trip for cycling & hiking enthusiasts

Means of transport: bike or e-bike and on foot

Cycling & Hiking Trip through the Schlögener Donauschlinge

By bike along the Danube Cycle Path (Passau-Schlögen north bank stage) from Kramesau to Schlögen. Attention: Note the ferry times in Schlögen!

At the ferry times: www.donauregion.at/en/danube-cycle-path/danube-ferries

Length: approx. 11 km


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Subsequent hike on the Donausteig circuit "CICONIA-Weg" to the famous Donaublick (Danube view)

Opposite the Hotel Donauschlinge we enter the Ciconia path, which leads us after about 30 minutes walking time to the well-known viewpoint "Schlögener Blick". This striking view of the Donauschlinge was voted one of Upper Austria's natural wonders.

Duration: 4 hrs.

Length: 11 km

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Tip: For those in a hurry, a short path leads directly from the Hotel Donauschlinge to the Schlögener Donaublick viewpoint. Plan approx. 1 hour there and back.

After the hike we return to the hotel in Kramesau on the Danube cycle path.

Attention: Note the opening times of the bicycle ferries in Schlögen. Alternatively, you can also cycle along the Danube cycle path south bank to Wesenufer and change to the northern Danube bank via the Danube bridge to Niederranna.

Length: approx. 11 km

1/2 to one-day trip for culture enthusiasts

Means of transport: bike or e-bike

Cycling to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and excursion destinations in and around Engelhartszell

By bike along the Danube Cycle Path (Passau-Schlögen north bank stage) from Kramesau to Engelhartszell.

Length: approx. 3.5 km

Attention: the tip leads in the opposite direction of the description

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Cultural highlights can be found along this route - from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to world-famous art:

Day trip: City trip to Passau

Means of transport: Bus or boat

Discover the three-river city of Passau: Where culture and joie de vivre flow together

Information on how to get there by bus:
For this excursion, first cycle along the Danube cycle path to Niederranna, where you take the Danube bridge to Wesenufer (approx. 4 km, 15 min.). Keep left for a short distance and at the junction with the B130 you will find the bus stop "Wesenufer Donaubrücke". From Wesenufer the bus departs daily (exceptions according to the timetable) in the direction of Passau. The journey to the 3-river city takes about 1 hour. For a day trip, it is recommended to take the bus at 10:06 a.m. You will then arrive in Passau at approx. 10:45 a.m. For the return journey, we recommend taking the bus from Passau at 5:06 p.m., then you will be back at the bus stop Donaubrücke Wesenufer at 5:50 p.m. and can cycle about 4 km back to the hotel.

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See & experience Passau

In Passau, you can explore sights such as St. Stephen's Cathedral, which houses the largest cathedral organ in the world, or the Veste Oberhaus castle complex.

Here you will find sights, guided tours, shopping and much more to plan your visit to Passau.


Tip: It's worth making a detour to Rindermarkt to sample the finest chocolate specialities at our "Treasures & Delicacies"-partner Confiserie & Café Simon.

"Three Rivers" City Tour

Daily from 25 March to 5 November 2023
Journey time: approx. 45 minutes

Comfortably from the ship, you can enjoy unforgettable views of Passau: the Italian flair of the colourful facades, St. Stephan's Cathedral, the mouth of the three rivers, the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz with their different colours.

Tip: in the high season, the electrically powered convertible ship MS SUNliner runs!

Departure and place

Barefoot Passau XL - Sightseeing with a difference

Daily from 13 May to 3 October 2023
Duration: approx. 75 minutes, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

During the round trip on the Barefoot Boat by Til Schweiger you will explore the city on the three rivers directly from the water - completely new perspectives open up.


Departure and place

Day trip: Cycling tour along the Danube Cycle Path & boat tour to Passau

Means of transport: bike or e-bike and boat

Cycling along the Danube Cycle Path from Kramesau to Kasten & adventure tour with the crystal ship incl. stay in Passau

By bike or e-bike, we first go from the hotel to the bike ferry to cross over to Engelhartszell. From there, continue along the Danube Cycle Path to Kasten to the Wurm & Noé landing stage in Kasten.


Length: approx. 12 km
Duration: approx. 45 min.

In Kasten you can get on the crystal ship together with your bike and sail to Passau on the adventure tour.

3 times daily from 29 April to 3 October 2023

Departure and place


  • Departure Kasten at 11:20 a.m. – Arrival in Passau at 12:40 p.m.
  • Return: Departure from Passau at 03:15 p.m. – Arrival in Kasten at 04:05 p.m.
  • then cycle from Kasten back to Kramesau (approx. 12 km & 45 min.)

Attention: Please note the ferry times!

Day trip to the treetop trail & IKUNA nature experience park

Means of transport: E-bike

Cycling tour on the Sauwald panorama heights to two special excursion destinations

This tour first follows the R1 Danube cycle path to Wesenufer (approx. 4 km). From here you follow the R1.04 Danube loop for approx. 10 km to Waldkirchen. R1.04 Danube loop to Waldkirchen. In Waldkirchen you then continue along the R1.05 Sauwald Panorama Loop to Kopfing to the treetop trail.

At treetop trail in Kopfing an impressive wooden construction extends 15 metres above the forest floor and over a length of more than 1,000 metres through the treetops of the Sauwald.

After visiting the treetop path, the tour continues to Natternbach to the IKUNA Nature Resort. In the IKUNA Nature Adventure Park, young and old alike will be amazed. On the 200,000m2 area there are more than 80 outdoor play stations as well as the new KIDS WORLD - a 1,000m2 indoor park.

Return by e-bike on the R1.05 Sauwald Panorama Loop to Waldkirchen and then on the R1.04 Donauschlingen circuit to Wesenufer and back to Schlögen along the Danube Cycle Path.

Length of the total route: approx. 75 km

1/2 to day trip - Be your own captain on the Danube

Means of transport: bicycle and zille

By bike to the boat rental Witti

From Hotel Luger you cycle about 6.5 km along the Danube cycle path downstream to reach the Witti barge harbour in Freizell. There you can rent a Zille (traditional wooden Danube boats) and get to know one of the most beautiful sections of the Danube valley. If you don't want to be your own captain, one will also be gladly provided – upon request.

Between the Jochenstein and Aschach power stations, the famous "Schlögener Donauschlinge", numerous castles, ruins, beautiful gravel beaches, but also imposing, steeply sloping hillsides and lovely villages await you on a river length of approx. 35 km.

Rental from 1 May to September, 09:00 a.m. to 07:30 p.m.

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Day trip to the Danube village Aschach & cider tasting at the Donautaler Mostkellerei

Means of transport: bike or e-bike

Cycle tour to Aschach & enjoy the Upper Austrians' favourite drink

Donaumarkt Aschach is about halfway along the Schlögen-Linz stage of the Danube Cycle Path.

From Schlögen it is about 26 km to Aschach.

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From the Hotel Luger there are another 11 kilometres. The 37-kilometre tour is well worth it.

In Aschach, town houses from the Middle Ages and facades in the colours of the rainbow tell of the life of the burghers, boatmen and shoppers.

In the Schopper and Fishermen's Museum you can learn more about the extinct Schopper craft or the development of fishing.

The Danube market Aschach with its famous row of houses and the promenade is always worth a visit.

Tip: Get ice cream from the Weltzer confectionery and enjoy it on the promenade.

Ecape Trails in Aschach are adventurous. You discover the area in a different way and gather information on top of that, which guarantees a lot of fun.

After the visit, you cycle back to the Hotel Luger.

Attention: the tip leads in the opposite direction of the description.

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First, follow the Danube cycle path over the Danube bridge to the north bank and upstream to the Aschach power station and continue after the ferry ride to Obermühl or Grafenau (approx. 25 km).

Attention: Ferry ride necessary to circumnavigate the Felsensteig and in the Donauschlinge from Grafenau! Please note the ferry times online:

On the return journey it is essential to stop at the Fischgasthof Aumüller and taste a real "Donauperle", an Austrian Cider.

1/2- or day trip: Reach cooling off spots on the Danube by bike

Means of transport: bike or e-bike and partly ferries

Cycling to public bathing facilities

The following public bathing facilities can be reached by bike via the Danube cycle path or the new circular cycle routes:

Public swimming pool Engelhartszell via the R1 Danube Cycle Path stage: Passau-Schlögen north bank: Outdoor pool Engelhartszell

Length: approx. 6 km

Duration: 30 min incl. cycle ferry

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On the Danube Cycle Path to the Feldkirchen Bathing Lakes

Feldkirchen bathing lakes or Bad Mühllacken to the forest bath via the R1 Danube Cycle Path from Kramesau to Schlögen. There are two options here: On the north bank, take the longitudinal ferry "Donaubus" from Au to Grafenau and then cycle to Untermühl and here take the ferry again around the "Felsensteig" on the north bank to Landshaag and continue along the Danube cycle path to the Feldkirchen bathing lakes.

Or change to the south bank with the cycle ferry at Schlögen on the Danube Cycle Path stage south bank Schlögen-Linz to Aschach and continue over the Danube bridge on the R1 north bank to the Feldkirchen bathing lakes or to Bad Mühllacken to the forest bath.

Length: approx. 40 km

Duration: approx. 2.5 hrs.