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Treasures & Delicacies

The special often lies in the hidden. The unusual does not attract too many attention. And yet it is there, waiting to be discovered.

In the Upper Austrian-Bavarian Danube valley between Passau and the Strudengau, people live and work who have set themselves the goal of devoting their creative strength to the extraordinary. They create treasures and delicacies that are outstanding in idea and quality.

Enjoy your journey to the treasures and delicacies of the Upper Austrian Danube Valley.

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Brochure Kostbarkeiten & Köstlichkeiten

The brochure of the treasures & delicacies partner enterprises is almost something like a treasure map. It points the way to culinary and handicraft treasures of the Danube. And to the interesting people and stories behind it. Order your personal copy of the treasure map:

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