© Donauschlinge Schlögen © Oberösterreich Tourismus / Steininger
Donauschlinge Schlögen © Oberösterreich Tourismus / Steininger

Donausteig Stage 4_G03 Mauthausen - Perg: „From granite art and millstones“

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Starting place: 4310 Mauthausen
Destination: 4320 Perg

duration: 3h 45m
length: 12,6 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 164m
Altitude difference (downhill): 153m

Lowest point: 238m
Highest point: 333m
difficulty: medium
condition: medium
panoramic view: Great panorama

Paths covering:
Asphalt, Path / trail, Gravel, Hiking trail, Other

Short description:
The Donausteig-simply fabulous! This stage leads us from Mauthausen along the Danube through the cultivated plains of the Machland and the panoramic hills of the Mühlviertel (region) to Perg on the northern edge of the Machland. We discover the Mauthausen art of granite , the salt road to Bohemia, the secrets of porcelain, the Perger Millstone crushers...


Technique: *

Quality of experience: *****

Recommended season:

  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October


  • Multi-stage route
  • Refreshment stops available
  • Cultural/historical value

Seal of approval:

  • Quality route according to "Österreichisches Wandergütesiegel"

Starting point for this leg of the Donausteig is Mauthausen. The Mühlviertler hills fall steeply down to the Danube. The historical market is situated on the Danube opposite the Ennsmündung (river mouth). The magnificent shore line and the lovely town centre bear witness to a wealth-generating past through toll stations, and salt and granite trade. The variety of wonderful works of granite - granite art in highest perfection is unique to Mauthausen. We start on the beautiful shore line and follow the Danube River to the old Heinrichskirche (church) at the market. Here we leave the Danube and move comfortably over partly forested hills back to the fabled Heinrichsbründl. Shortly afterwards we are further down in the cultivated Plains of the Machland: small settlements, fertile fields, peasant farms and small forest stretches dominate the landscape. On quiet back roads and rural filed paths we wander through the vastness of the Machland on the other side of the plane. The International Soldiers Cemetery here reminds us of the dark ages of history. In the rural village of Aisthofen, once an important Manor House, starts a short climb into the hills of the Mühlviertel. After a few minutes, the Donausteig-resting point "Weinbau, Gmeiner, Weinzirl" is reached - the scenic highlight of this stage! The view go far from the mystical Ötscher (mountain) in the Mostviertel to the striking Traunstein (mountain) in the Salzkammergut region. The further hilly pathway varies through open landscapes and shady woodlands. At the unusual Kalvarienberg­kirche (church) of Perg, we once again arrive at the edge of the Mühlviertler hills – on a magnificent terrace the city of Perg and the Machland lie at our feets. After a short descent, we are on the main square of the historical city of Perg, formerly know due to its millstone crushers - simply fabulous!


Discover the following features with the Donausteig-diary:

-Mauthausen-the center for granite art

-Donausteig-starting point "Mauthausen"

-Granite sculpture "Monolith with a bike"

-The Enns-iron in the River

-Monument "Rollfähre"

-The salt Tower-the "traffic light" of the salt road

-A well for the world's fair

-Heinrichskirche-sanctuary for the salt merchants

- ...


Download: Donausteig-diary "Stage 4_G03 Mauthausen PERG" - yet to follow!

From the Donausteig-starting point at the shore line in Mauthausen, we follow the Heindlkai downstream through the Archway of the old master ship house. A few metres on we walk on the Vormarktstrasse (street), passing the Heinrichskirche (church). At the next major intersection, turn left onto Vormarktstrasse (street). After a few metres, a gravel road leads uphill through the forest. At the T-intersection in the village keep to the right and a few meters later follow the road left. At the intersection to the Eschenweges (path), turn right and continue up to the end of the settlement (forest edge). There a foot and later field/forest trail branches off to the left. After a short time, the Heinrichsbründl is reached. Here, we follow the asphalt road downhill and turn left at the next intersection (large Vierkanthof (farm)) in the Gutshofweg (path). After crossing the railroad tracks, continue straight across the heavily trafficked Freistädter Steet into the Kindergartenstrasse (street). The buildings of Heinrichbrunn are passed on the right. Hereafter the wide Machlandstrasse (own walking and cycling Strip) is followed left across the fields. Turn at the next junction (beginning of the settlement) first left and then right again into the Professor-Gerstmayr-Straße (street). Pass the International Soldiers Cemetery and reach the settlement Hinterholz. After a slight right turn to the left continue towards Neuhart. Follow the dirt road through the fields left after the houses in Neuhart. On the asphalt road into the forest first turn left and after a few metres on the edge of the forest (large tree image monument) turn right again. Here, we go on to the village of Althart. At the next intersection turn right and continue straight towards the East following the asphalt road. We cross the Naarnfluss and follow the dirt road at the beginning upstream, later however we cross the fields and continue to Aisthofen. There, we cross the main road at the large Chapel. Now a paved road continue uphill initially. This road quickly turns into a dirt road and guides us passed the Donausteig-Resting point „Weinbau Gmeiner, Weinzierl“ and to the rural village of Weinzierl. At the junction in the village we take the asphalt road left uphill. At the next crossing (shortly before a chapel) turn left again uphill. The road now go first up over a ridge and then into a small basin. There we turn right at the second crossing and follow the trail through woodland sand meadows passing Donausteig-viewing point. At the settlement of Zeitling turn first left and on the asphalt road keep again to the left. The small asphalt road leads in the wide arc Northeast. At the next intersection turn right and follow the road, which later turns into a narrow footpath continuing down to the cemetery of Perg. At the paved cemetery road briefly continue left uphill to the Kalvarienbergkirche (church). From there a well constructed footpath passes two beautiful Donausteig-viewing points down to the Friedhofstraße (street). Walk left downhill to Linzer Straße (street). There left and after 100 m the main square of Pergis reached with its Donausteig-starting point.


To facilitate the orientation, the Donausteig was provided with its own system of orientation - you will find the description here .

Take a tour of the small alleys of Mauthausen -the many different details of the Granite art are just magnifcent!

sturdy shoes. food and drink opportunites are only possible with small detours on this tour!

Additional information:
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Tourism agency Mauthausen
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Tel.: +43(0)7238/2243 od. 2023-0 Fax: DW-51


Perg marketing office
Linzerstr. 2
4320 Perg
Tel.: +43(0)7262/53150 Fax: DW 16


Starting point: Mauthausen - the Donausteig-starting "Mauthausen" is located at the Tourism Office (on the waterfront) southeast of Schloss Pragstein (castle) near the stone sculptures.
Destination: Perg - The Donausteig-starting point "Perg" lies in the north eastern part of the main square (tree group with fountain across from the parish church)

further information:
  • Multi-day tour
  • Board possible

Accessibility / arrival

Getting there
The Donausteig-starting point "Mauthausen" is located next to the Tourism office of Mautahusen on the river promenade south east of Schloss Pragstein (castle) (Navigation: A-4310 Mauthausen, Heindlkai 13).

Public Transit
Mauthausen can be reach by train or bus. A transfer back from Perg to Mauthausen is possible as well by bus and train. The bus drives directly from the Perger main square to the Mauthausener market place. Take notice that when taking the train the station are further away from their resepctive main squares. Timetables online at http://www.ooevv.at  .

The market center of Mauthausen is mostly only a short period parking zone - this counts also for the parking lots in its vicinity. A parking lot free of charge is about 5 walking minutes away (directly at the Donau Bndesstrasse (main road) north west of Schloss Pragstein (castle); close to the primary school)

Travelling by public transport
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Please get in touch for more information.

Donausteig Stage 4_G03 Mauthausen - Perg: „From granite art and millstones“
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 Interactive elevation profile

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Starting place: 4310 Mauthausen
Destination: 4320 Perg

duration: 3h 45m
length: 12,6 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 164m
Altitude difference (downhill): 153m

Lowest point: 238m
Highest point: 333m
difficulty: medium
condition: medium
panoramic view: Great panorama

Paths covering:
Asphalt, Path / trail, Gravel, Hiking trail, Other