© Culinary delights in the Danube region © Melanie Schillinger
Culinary delights in the Danube region © Melanie Schillinger

Culinary delights in the Danube Region

In the Danube region in Upper Austria, you can enjoy what the region has to offer. Whether freshly caught Danube fish, crunchy vegetables from the fertile plains of the Eferdinger Basin or the Machland - everything is freshly prepared with lots of love. According to traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, or also in completely new creations by young kitchen pioneers. This is accompanied by fine wines - such as a glass of must, the acidity of which gently tickles the tip of the tongue, or a freshly tapped beer. 
This is what the Danube region tastes like! Embark on a culinary voyage of discovery!

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in the Danube Region in Upper Austria

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