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Eferding, Oberösterreich, Österreich
Welcome to Eferding!
There are many reasons to visit the third oldest town in Austria (town charter 1222). Mentioned as "Everdingen" in the Song of the Nibelungs, an important road junction of the Danube Limes during Roman times, the Bavarians laid the foundations for a settlement around 500 AD. For centuries, Eferding was one of the centres of the country. The town gates once opened here for many crowned heads: for the Hohenstaufer Friedrich II, for the emperors Sigismund and Maximilian and for King Wenceslas. Paracelsus was a guest in Eferding, Johannes Kepler celebrated his wedding in Eferding. The centre is the large town square, almost unchanged since the Middle Ages, with imposing town houses and facades.

Eferding- town since 1222
and yet also young at heart- offers something for everyone and invites you to visit!
The castle’s northern wing originally was the residence of the Bishops of Passau. Around 1416 Count Johann II of Schaunberg had it replaced by “Newe Veste”, which first served as home for widows. The eastern wing, where the administrator used to live, also dates from the 15th century. The southern and western wings which you can see above were only added in 1784.


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