© Donauschlinge Schlögen © Oberösterreich Tourismus / Steininger
Donauschlinge Schlögen © Oberösterreich Tourismus / Steininger

Donausteig Stage 1_S04 Schlögen - Aschach: „From the Schlögener Loop into Eferdinger Basin“

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Starting place: 4083 Haibach ob der Donau
Destination: 4082 Aschach an der Donau

duration: 6h 30m
length: 21,3 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 532m
Altitude difference (downhill): 549m

Lowest point: 268m
Highest point: 563m
difficulty: difficult
condition: very difficult
panoramic view: Dreamtour

Paths covering:
Asphalt, Gravel, Hiking trail

Short description:
The Donausteig-simply fabulous! At this stage, we wander from the Schlögener Loop in the wooded Donauengtal (valley) across the rural plateau of the Sauwald (forest) to Aschach located in the fertile Eferding basin. We discover the magnificent natural wonders of the Schlögener loop, the wonderful home of the farmer Christoph Zeller, the settlement names as silent narrators of the landscape's cultural richness, the historic Danube market Aschach...

Technique: *

Quality of experience: ******

Recommended season:

  • March
  • April
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  • June
  • July
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  • October


  • Multi-stage route
  • Scenic
  • Refreshment stops available
  • Cultural/historical value
  • Geological highlights
  • Botanical highlights
  • Faunistic highlights
  • Insider tip

Seal of approval:

  • Quality route according to "Österreichisches Wandergütesiegel"

The famous natural wonder "Schlögener Loop" is the starting point of this Donausteig-stage. TheSchlögener Loop lies deeply buried in the breakthrough stretch of the upper Danube valley and changes its directions twice  almost 180 ° in only a few kilometres - simply fabulous! We walk from Schlögen an der Donau passed stations of the nature adventure path "Ciconia" through the steep hillside forest up to the "Schlögener Blick". This vantage platform gives us the famous views of the loop - simply terrific! Only here, the fascination and the individuality of this natural spectacle is apparent. No wonder, then, that this look was the poster view of the entire Donausteig. In the forest further uphill we reach the attractive ­plateau of the Sauwald (forest) shortly thereafter. Now, wavy surroundings characterizes the landscape: extended forests, lush meadows, cultivated fields, stunning hedges, scattered farmsteads,... On dirt and farm roads, we hike comfortably up and down to Haibach, the home town of the farmer Christoph Zeller. A short detour to the peasant parish church is recommended! The Donausteig branches here shortly before the village centre off and leads back down into the forest. On wonderful forest paths, later on a farm road we follow the mighty stream high above the Danube. Hidden views of into the Donauengtal embed themselves as a nature oasis of the surrounding cultural landscape into our memory. After a river bend, we reach again the high plateau of the Sauwald. Now begins a long, fabulous trail. On a chain of hills we hike in gently up and down through the rural landscape of the Sauwald (forest). Hidden views of the Alps open up to us occasionally. Initially on wonderful meadow trails, then often on paved farm roads we finally reach the last hill - a true panorama terrace! Here the whole Eferding basin is at our feet and on the horizon the Summit giants of the Alps! Now begins the long, panoramic descent into the Eferding basin. On paved farm roads, occasionally over dirt roads, we hike through a beautiful, rural landscape down to Aschach an der Donau. A scenic experience of a special kind!


Discover the following features with the Donausteig-diary

-Donausteig-starting point "Schlögen"

-Schlögen and the Danubelimes

-Natural wonders "Schlögener Schlinge"

-Life-nature project "Hillside and Gorge forests in the upper Danube valley"

-Ciconia slab "A Kingdom of mushrooms"

-Ciconia slab "Ferns and mosses"

-Ciconia slab "The wonders of the streams"

-Donausteig-resting point "Schlögen views"

- ...


Download: Donausteig-diary "Stage 1_S04 Schlögen Aschach" - yet to follow

From the Donausteig-starting point "Schlögen" we go a few meters towards the Danube, at the parking lot a gravel road leads uphill to the right, which shortly thereafter plunges into the steep forest. High up in the Donauleiten a trail turns finally sharp right up to the Donausteig-resting point "Schlögener Blick". From there we reach in a left arc over a hill back to the Rotem Kreuz at the edge of the slope. Now begins the undulating landscape of the Sauwald plateau. The left road leads through a short section of forest to a crossroads (Ciconia slab "Hedges and rows of trees...") just before Linetshub. On the right meadow path continue here to a paved road, which we follow to the right up to the next crossing (Wohlfahrtnerhof). Turn left briefly and then again right. The tarmac road quickly merges into a dirt road. Initially across meadows, later through the forest we wander down to the Fuchsbach (stream), cross it and march the slope uphill. On the birch with seat, turn right. In an arc left, we arrive at the Roman road (Asphalt­ road), which brings us right up to the building community yard (on the left side of the road) in Haibach. From here straight on we reach in a short detour (350 m) the parish church at the centre of Haibach. The Donausteig runs however further left. The settlement road quickly merges into a meadow path, leading down over the edge of the area into the forest of the Donauleiten. At the crossroads right. Hereafter, we walk on a forest path parallel to the Danube - first downhill, then for an extended period uphill till a house a the edge of the forest. At the house turn left. Shortly thereafter, the Donausteig resurfaces in the forests of the Donauleiten and follows the Danube gently. After approx. 500 m turn left. Downhill, after some hairpin bends we arrive at a farm road. Keeping to the right, the road brings us again back up to the forest edge of the Donauleiten. On the asphalt street "Haibach Haizing" pass the farm on the left till after approx. 300 m a track branches off. Shortly after we're walking the gently up and down meadow trails along the forest edge. By a farm Hamlet, we encounter a dirt trail which will take us through a short forest section to Hinteraigen. There continue straight through the intersection. Now the asphalt road leads uphill. After a farm and a small wooded area a junction follows on a ridge. From here a short detour to the left leads us to the church of Dorf. The Danube route however turns right and leads to our last hill. Follow the asphalt road approximately 2 miles straight downhill and pass the cyder inn Arthofer, and the fire station Oed in Bergen. At the last farm before the forest turn right on the gravel road and continue downhill. After a wooded area (High-voltage line), we reach an asphalt road in a forest clearing. Here turn left. Back through the forest at the next intersection turn right. A secondary road passes now through Vornholz, past the Fadingerstüberl (inn), to Kellnering, where we branch off to the left. The road bypasses to house (swimming pool) with a right swing and then leads up the slope. At the end of the following right curve we continue straight on. First slightly uphill, we reach the asphalt road "Am Kobl" past meadows, fields and a short section of forest. Turn right downhill. On the subsequent crossing turn right further on at the next opportunity (Brunnen­gasse) turn left down to the Danube promenade. We are now in the centre of Aschach. From here, we reach right along the Danube River the Donausteig-starting point "Aschach".


To facilitate the orientation, the Donausteig was provided with its own orientation system - you will find the description here  .

The Danube market of Aschach is wonder in itself - take the time to see some of its sites! A detour into the village center of Haibach is also recommended.

Apart from a simple hiking equipment no extra requirements.

Additional information:
WGD Tourismus GmbH 
Lindengasse 9
4040 Linz, Austria
Tel. +43(0)732/7277-800
Fax. +43(0)732/7277-804 


Tourism center Haibach ob der Donau
4083 Haibach 40
Tel.: +43(0)72798235
Fax: +43(0)7279/8235-16


Tourism Center Aschach
4082 Aschach a. d. Donau
Tel: +43(0)664/4082 200

Starting point: Schlögen - the Donausteig-starting point „Schlögen“ lies on the access road to the Hotel Donauschlinge at the beginning of the hotel's own parking lot on the left hand side.
Destination: Aschach- the Donausteig starting point "Aschach" lies directly north a few meters of the parish church on the Danube promenade

further information:
  • Multi-day tour
  • Board possible

Accessibility / arrival

Getting there
The Starting point of this stage is located directly in fron of the Hotel Donauschlinge (Navigation: A‑4083 Haibach, Hotel Donauschlinge/Schlögen 2).

Public Transit
Schlögen can be reached by bus. A transfer back from Aschach is possible as well. Bus timetables online at  http://www.ooevv.at .

Next to the Donausteig-starting point there are a number of parking opportunities, free of charge, in the parking lot of the Hotel Donauschlinge

Travelling by public transport
Route planner for independent travellers
Most economical season
  • Spring
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  • Autumn

Please get in touch for more information.

Donausteig Stage 1_S04 Schlögen - Aschach: „From the Schlögener Loop into Eferdinger Basin“
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4040 Linz

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Starting place: 4083 Haibach ob der Donau
Destination: 4082 Aschach an der Donau

duration: 6h 30m
length: 21,3 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 532m
Altitude difference (downhill): 549m

Lowest point: 268m
Highest point: 563m
difficulty: difficult
condition: very difficult
panoramic view: Dreamtour

Paths covering:
Asphalt, Gravel, Hiking trail