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Schlögener Schlinge (c) WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/GoodMorningWorld_MSchillinger

Unique view points

The Danube region- exciting Danube valley and wide views

You like to enjoy panoramic views? Then you definitely should not miss the unique view points anlong the Danube. It does not matter if you like to hike the Donausteig or one of the additional hiking tours because there are many magnificent points from where you have breath taking views on the Danube valley and on the Danube hinterlands. Just make a picknick,let your gaze wander and delve into the Danube myth.

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Unique view points

Panoramablick Thron

Viewing point Hiking trail "Trappistenrunde", approx. 12 km longViewing point “Panoramablick Thron” 

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St. Agatha

Pyramid on the Etzing hill

The pyramid on the Etzinger Hill is the finishing point of the hiking trail "Way to the self". The viewing pyramid in Sankt Agatha offers a beautiful panoramic view of Upper Austria, Bavaria and the Czech Republic. Under the motto "Ways to the ME", a…

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Waldhausen im Strudengau


Beautiful viewpoint where you can see the Danubevalley. This viewpoint is located on the edge of Strudengau at an altitude of 520 m. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the narrow, stepped in a legend Danube Valley and on the opposite ruin…

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St. Nikola an der Donau

When you go hiking on the Donausteig Grein-St. Nikola- Waldhausen, you reach a view viewpoints. One of them is the Black Wall where you can see a great panorama. 

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