© Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Kaindlstorfer
Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Kaindlstorfer

Donausteig - Simply fabulous!

Simply fabulous!

Scarcely any region is as diversified as the Danube region. Numerous landscapes that could not be more different accompany hikers from Passau via Linz to Grein and offer breath-taking views on the beautiful countryside.


450 kilometres Donausteig
The Donausteig leads you through diversified natural and cultivated landscapes along both banks of the Danube from Passau to Grein.


49 Danube Hiking Path tours 
Besides, 49 Danube Hiking Path tours branching off the main route allow you a lot of possibilities to discover the hinterland and experience the region even more intensively.


Perfect integration of train, bus and ship along the Donausteig. Due to the integration of different public transport facilities along the hiking trail, it is very easy to get the starting and ending points of each stage. 

The Donausteig is perfect for:

  • Stage hikers
  • Day trip hikers
  • Families
  • And those ones who love culinary highlights
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120 myths about the Danube
120 different legends about the Danube are now retold, illustrated and mounted on the summary boards. The stories add even more diverse facets of the Donausteig and the region.


Donausteig hosts 
There are local hiking experts who like to advise you competently and who submit their overnight accommodation and catering businesses according to established quality criteria.


Donausteig interactive
On the website you can also find an interactive hiking map that allows hikers to create customised route profiles with all necessary information. It is easy to print all details as a PDF file with altitude, maps and description.to the interactive maps

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