© Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Kaindlstorfer
Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Kaindlstorfer

Labelling/Signposts at the Donausteig

Finding your path at Donausteig

The Donausteig and its 41 hiking tours lead through the wonderful natural and cultural landscape of the Danube Valley between Passau, Linz and Grein. We focus on inspiring historical events that happened along this important lifeline of Europe. To support you in your adventure, we have created a specific orientation system. The website keeps downloadable tour descriptions with detailed route information at hand for you, as well as thrilling "diaries" that will help you to discover the special and fabulous things alongside the way. You will easily find starting points for each tour or stage. Special signposts and markings guide you through the landscape and give you a chance to relax and you do not have to worry about finding your way. At special and beautiful places, resting areas and panoramic view points invite you to linger for a while. The Donausteig is an inspiring path through the fascination "Danube"- simply fabulous!


The Donausteig-logo is the always a reoccurring symbol of the Donausteig. The blue colour symbolises the water of the Danube, green the surrounding landscape. Both sides are connected through a white double-loop in form of the famous "Schlögener Schlinge"- the landmark of the Donausteig. You can already see that the logo mirrors the interplay of nature and cultural experience, which makes this part of the Donausteig so unique. At the same time it points out the "fabulous" myth that was created by this landscape - both large and small things. Enjoy discovering!

Signposts & Markings

The Donausteig and its routes possess a special signpost system: Yellow signposts with blue or green arrows and Donausteig-logo. The blue arrows direct the Donausteig, the green arrows the tours. In order to do not damage the beauty of the landscape, only as much signposts as needed and as few as possible have been installed. Hence, they only show rough changes in direction or solve ambiguous crossing situations. Markings in form of the Donausteig-logo or simplified colour markings provide orientation in the intermediate areas.

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Resting places and panoramic spots

"Donausteig" means to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature! Therefore, we have installed resting areas and panoramic points at unique places. You will also find signposts with the same design as at your starting point, which offer you an overview of the area, facts on your current position and of course fabulous legends of the region. In many cases, panoramic view panels give you an awesome overview of the area. Additionally, Donausteig-furniture invites you to stay and relax for a while. So, simply relax and be inspired by the beautiful scenery!

Website, tour descriptions and journals

The website of the Donausteig is a central part of his labelling system. It supports you very well when selecting an optimal tour and offers useful downloads for your hike. There, you can easily plan your route on an interactive hiking map. Get information about detailed tour descriptions and unique diaries that alert you to the fabulous things along the hiking trail. Of course, you also have access to available GPS tracks and to a private Donausteig app. So, you are on a fascinating journey along the Danube. It's fabulous, isn't it?

Orientation, maps and brochures

A comprehensive signage and marking concept facilitates a good orientation on the Donausteig. Next to the main trail, also loop routes are well signposted. All those ones who want to rely on aditional maps, will love the Donausteig hiking map. The free booklet contains not only excellent maps at a scale of 1: 75,000 and stage descriptions, but also interesting information about gastronomy and accommodation facilities as well as suggestions about the cultural life and the natural area along the route. 49 Donausteig scenic routes, with numerous information about the trails, maps and route descriptions are also published in this leaflet and can be easily ordered online for free.

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