© Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Kaindlstorfer
Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Kaindlstorfer

Tips for a pleasure hiking

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What to consider when hiking the Donausteig.

Hiking tours in a beautiful natural area are relaxing and exciting at the same time. We have compiled a list with a few tips for you to ensure a safe hiking trip in the region Danube Upper Austria.


Tip 1: Be fit when hiking the Donausteig!

Most accidents happen when hikers are getting tired or exhausted. Therefore, they also need a training like other poeple doing sports in their leisure time.


Tip 2: No hiking tour without careful planning!

Each hiking tour needs a good planning. Compile your necessary equipment carefully and before starting your hike, make sure to have a good breakfast without stuffing oneself.


Tip 3: Start your hike slowly! 

It is always advisable to take enough food and drinks with you. When you recognise first signs of exhaustion, make a pause, eat and drink something- bread, cookies, chocolate etc. and drink as much as possible (2-3 litres during a hiking day).


Tip 4: Do not ask too much of your children!

Hiking tours with children need a very careful planning with an appropriate and varied programme. They want to see and experience something instead of getting bored. 


Tip 5: During your hike: Drink enough!

During your hike, you should drink 2-3 litres in order to ensure the mineral salt balance. It is advisable to do not drink alcool when hiking long stages.

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