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Wellness & Wellbeing

Water, fire, earth, air – dip in relaxation with the four elements the Danube Upper Austria Region.

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Soothing time-out
in the Danube region


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Immerse and relax

Wellness - what does that actually mean? Bathing, sauna, massages - yes, of course! But not only. On the Danube, the focus is on holistic recreation. The four elements also play an important role: fire, water, earth and air can be felt in the wellness oases of the Upper Austrian Danube region and promise carefree feelings of well-being. It should be sustainable so that you can find your way into a relaxed everyday life even after the holiday.


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The Danube region is appreciated for its pure air. Our wellness oases are often located directly on the river or at airy heights. So take a deep breath and relax.

A feel-good holiday

Treat yourself to relaxation! The wellness hotels in the Danube region have the best offers to dive off and do yourself good.

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Water is the elixir of life. And the Upper Austrian Danube region, with the tangible power of water, is a feel-good paradise that gets body and soul moving.

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The earth draws peace and strength from nature. There is plenty of it in the Danube region. With us you can let your soul dangle and ground yourself anew.

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Fire and the Danube region are not a contradiction. In our comfortably warm wellness oases, the element can be clearly felt during fiery and invigorating sauna sessions, in infrared cabins and heat chambers.

You have to do something good for your body so that your soul feels like living in it.
Winston Churchill

Relax in the most beautiful hotels in the Danube region.

Recharge your batteries and unwind on a wellness holiday in the Danube region. Pure relaxation awaits you in the most beautiful wellness hotels on the Upper Austrian Danube.


Recharge your energy in nature

In tranquility lies power.

At special power spots in the great outdoors, you can come to rest and replenish your energy reserves.

Moss-covered granite formations in the forest, picturesque river courses and breathtaking viewpoints capture the energy of nature.

Many of these extraordinary natural and cultural jewels have been used as places of worship for centuries and continue to magically attract people to this day, such as the Pesenbach Valley in Bad Mühllacken or the Stillenstein Gorge near Grein.

Places to linger, enjoy and recharge your batteries!


Health holidays in the Danube region