© Health establishments © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Erber
Health establishments © Tourismusverband Donau Oberösterreich / Erber

Health vacation in the Danube region

The Danube region offers a wide range of health resorts in beautiful locations along the great river. In health resorts, experts accompany the health stay professionally and with great sensitivity. Healing methods such as TEM - Traditional European Medicine and Kneipp therapy activate the self-healing powers and lead to a sustainable growth in well-being in the long term.


Traditional European Medicine

Kneipp treatment awakens the spirits

Pastor Sebastian Kneipp's natural healing method, one of the most important representatives of the TEM, is based on the five pillars of nutrition, exercise, water, medicinal plants and a conscious lifestyle - or life order, as Kneipp called it. A lot can be changed with this simple but effective healing method. Kneipp therapy strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing. It has a balancing effect and is the ideal break from everyday life.