© Donauschifffahrt in Linz @ Linz Tourismus / Johann Steininger
Donauschifffahrt in Linz @ Linz Tourismus / Johann Steininger

Delicacies and show workshops in the Danube Region

On the Danube there are numerous fine delicacies that you simply have to try: sweet, spicy, liquid... In the show workshops you can watch our masters very closely.

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Delicacies and show workshops


Viniculture Gmeiner

Since 2005, wine has been produced on our farm. Meanwhile, four different types of wine thrive here. 

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Trappist beer and Liqueur production Stift Engelszell

The fruits of the work of the monks of Stift Engelszell visitors can enjoy, shop and take home. The monastary has always been famous for its liqueurs. Especially digestible is the "Magenbitter". The recipe of the herbal mixture acquired by the…

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St. Aegidi

Sauwald-Vodka, Martin Paminger

The Sauwald region has long been known as the home of Sauwald potatoes. But what if this aroma could also develop in a liquid state? When Martin Paminger traveled from St. Aegidi in the Sauwald  to Sweden, he found inspiration there for a "crazy…

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