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MUSIKVEREIN Aichberg/Waldkirchen

Waldkirchen am Wesen, Oberösterreich, Österreich

Year of foundation: 1887

Number of active musicians: 62

Current costume: since 1993

In 1967, the band was transformed into an association. In addition to the many performances each year, the Aichberg-Waldkirchen Music Association has also enjoyed numerous successes abroad: 1983 Rastede (2 first prizes), live performance on Dutch television in 1985, Rome 1989 (Christmas tree presentation to the Pope), Dijon 1995 (49th International Music Festival), Hungary 1998 (3 concerts in Budapest, Esztergom and Tat), Nyborg 2001 (Music Festival of Nations), Rastede 2010 (European Champion). A CD has been recorded live from every spring concert since 1997.

Looking to the future: 6 - 8 . July 2012 on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the district music festival in Waldkirchen.

The Aichberg-Waldkirchen Music Association is a very active organisation, especially when it comes to marching music. Its activities are not limited to the municipality of Waldkirchen. In 1983, for example, our musicians won first prize in both the concert and marching music competitions in Rastede. In 1989, our band also provided the musical backdrop for the Christmas tree presentation to the Pope, in 1991 our musicians successfully represented the interests of Upper Austria at the Carinthian Provincial Music Festival and in January 1993 we played at the Upper Austrian Ball in Vienna.

It was a great honour for our association to be the only band to successfully represent Austria at the 49th International Folklore Festival in Dijon in 1995 among 27 participating nations from 4 continents. A concert tour to Hungary in 1998 with concerts in Budapest and Esztergom was similarly successful. Even the Hungarian Radio reported on our machine show programme in motion presented on the main square of Esztergom. Our participation in the Nyborg Music Festival on the island of Funen in June 2001 was also extremely successful for our association. However, a great moment for our band was becoming the first band in Austria to become European Champion in the 'Marching Parade with Show' category at the Rasteder Music Days on 3 July 2010.

In addition to these highlights from our recent history, we must not forget our excellent successes in concert and marching competitions and our well-attended spring concerts. We have also played many a festive concert in Ottenhofen near Munich. Since 1985, the musicians in our band have achieved 42 excellent successes in marching compet itions at D and E level. In 2005, we took part in 3 marching competitions at level E and achieved excellent results 3 times (Prambachkirchen, Heiligenberg and Andorf). At the two marching competitions in 2006 and 2007, we were also able to achieve 2 excellent successes at level E. In 2009 and 2010 we also achieved an excellent success in the marching competitions.

The Musikverein Aichberg-Waldkirchen achieved one of its greatest successes when, together with Raab and Rainbach, it won 1st place for Upper Austria in the provincial ranking at the marching competition in Schönbrunn Palace on 1 June 2007 with a great show programme at the Federal Music Festival in Vienna

Our three successful performances in the marquee at district music festivals (2004 in Rannariedl: morning pint concert and 2006 in Lembach: twilight pint concert and 2010 in Putzleinsdorf: morning pint concert) were also met with great applause from the many bands and guests of honour in attendance.

We see our main task, however, in the countless concerts for the people of Waldkirchen.

  • Parking space: 30
  • Parking area for disabled: 1
  • Bus parking space: 1
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  • ground level accessible
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  • door width (min. 80 cm)
  • Toilet facility for disabled people


MUSIKVEREIN Aichberg/Waldkirchen
Waldkirchen Nr. 22
4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen

Phone +43 7718 20078
E-Mail mv.aichberg@aon.at
Web www.mv-aichberg-waldkirchen.at

Contact person
Mr Obmann Josef OSTERKORN
Ort 1
4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen

Phone +43 7718 20078
E-Mail mv.aichberg@aon.at
Web www.mv-aichberg-waldkirchen.at

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