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Waldkirchen am Wesen, Oberösterreich, Österreich
  • Suitable for pushchairs

The Wesenufer fire brigade was founded in 1875! The Wesenufer volunteer fire brigade was founded on 10 October 1875. The first fire brigade command was composed as follows: fire chief (commander) Sebastian Hanus, secretary Kajetan Grünberger, equipment keeper Franz Fesl, platoon leader Josef Lang, horn player Anton Wögerbauer.
Many donations from private individuals, including from the private coffers of Emperor Franz Joseph I, were used to purchase the most necessary equipment, including a new manual fire engine.
Around the turn of the century in 1900, the Wesenufer fire brigade experienced a great upswing and already had over forty members before the First World War. Operations around this time were mainly centred around floods. There were one major fire in the market itself around 1911, otherwise very often in the neighbouring Mühlviertel. At this time, the integration of the Wesenufer music association as a fire brigade band was also completed.

In the economically difficult 1920s, there was a lack of money, including for urgently needed additions and new purchases of equipment. However, the proverbial spirit of comradeship of this organisation played a decisive role in overcoming the crisis during this difficult time. Leaders at section and district level also emerged from the Wesenufer fire brigade: section commander of the Engelhartszell judicial district Gottfried Strasser, district commander Anton Selle.

After the Second World War, the FF-Wesenufer was rebuilt and reorganised. As far as possible, the equipment was supplemented or renewed. Within a few years, the number of members rose to fifty. The flood of the century in 1954 was not only the biggest damage event for Wesenufer, but also one of the biggest challenges for the Wesenufer fire brigade. The operation at that time could only be managed with the help of neighbouring fire brigades. This major nationwide event was also the reason for the founding of the Disaster Relief Service (KHD) in the provincial fire brigade association. A new era began in the fire service, namely the ever-increasing operational work in the field of technical assistance. The Wesenufer fire brigade coped with this development by taking part in performance competitions and the associated performance tests (from 1972), founding a youth group (1975) and installing a water rescue group (1979), which resulted in the transfer of a work boat for oil spills on the Danube from KHD funds (1981).

The first fire engine was purchased in 1975. In 1985, planning began for a new fire station, which was occupied together with the music club in 1990. The first armoury with its wooden hose tower on the Donaulände, built in 1927 and completely renovated in 2005 as part of the town's development, has since been used to store equipment for the water service. A modern Fox portable fire pump was purchased in 1989 and a modern, standardised small fire engine in 1995. In 2003, the first female members joined the fire brigade to support the youth group. In 2004, the fire station received a new, modern warning and alarm system. In 2005, theesenufer fire brigade celebrated its 130th anniversary with a performance competition.

1875 - 1881 Sebastian Hanus
1881 - 1891 Josef Razesberger
1891 - 1896 Franz Fesl
1896 - 1902 Johann Gottinger
1902 - 1905 Hugo Selle
1905 - 1911 Johann Gottinger
1911 - 1915 Gottfried Strasser
1915 - 1919 Hugo Selle
1919 - 1924 Gottfried Strasser
1924 - 1934 Mathias Höller
1934 - 1940 Johann Auer
1940 - 1945 Anton Selle
1945 - 1949 Johann Auer
1949 - 1963 Josef Derschl
1963 - 1968 Helmut Strasser
1968 - 1978 Anton Höller
1978 - 1988 Hugo Selle
1988 - 2003 Josef Razesberger
2003 - 2018 Rudolf Dornetshumer
2018 - ongoing Bernhard Haslböck

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255 m

  • Parking space: 15
  • Parking area for disabled: 1
  • Bus parking space: 1
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  • Suitable for pushchairs
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Completely suitable for wheelchairs. The object complies with the legally stipulated ÖNORM.

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  • Toilet facility for disabled people


Wesenufer 81
4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen

Phone +43 7718 7622
mobile +43 664 4994085
E-Mail gahleitner@waldkirchen.ooe.gv.at
Web www.waldkirchen.at

Contact person
Wesenufer Nr. 43
4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen

Phone +43 664 4994085

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