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Die 5 Kneipp-Säulen

Bad Kreuzen, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Strengthening body, mind and soul for the challenges of our modern, fast and energy-consuming life – for this Sebastian Kneipp has shown us a powerful way. The interplay between the five pillars of Kneipp’s teachings is realized effectively during a Kneipp cure.
Water therapy
Dissolve, release, strengthen. That water also cleans the inner body is known since biblical times. Kneippen is not limited to cold water. More than two thirds of the Kneipp therapy involve warm treatments. The water treatments are depending on the symptoms.
Regular movements are adding to our well-being and life quality. Our digestion and blood circulation are activated. According to the pastor Kneipp this particularly relates to endurance, agility and light strength training.
Live healthy and enjoy consciously: Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundations for wholefoods. The principles of the Kneipp cuisine connect taste with consciousness: wholesomeness, acid-alkaline balance, light and fat-reduced preparation and a high ecological quality of the dishes.
Medicinal plants
For centuries healing with plants was the only known possibility to treat illnesses. Today, we also use medicinal herbs from the Kneipp garden of nature. After all: Their effectiveness used to be only a matter of experience, but today these effects are supported and documented by various clinical studies and pharmacological tests.

An inner balance and harmonic life rhythm are the requirements for a healthy body, mind and soul. A more conscious, natural and healthy lifestyle enables a beneficially structured and balanced life.

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Die 5 Kneipp-Säulen
Bad Kreuzen 106
4362 Bad Kreuzen

Phone +43 7266 6281
Fax machine +43 7266 6281 - 50
E-Mail info@marienschwestern.at
Web www.badkreuzen.gesund-kneippen.at

Contact person
Mr Dipl.-BW Friedrich Kaindlstorfer, MBA

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