© Danube Lentos Linz © LinzTourismus_REckerstorfer
Danube Lentos Linz © LinzTourismus_REckerstorfer

Docking places for boats

Docking places for boats along the Danube in Upper Austria

You like to travel by boat and enjoy the freedom to decide where to stop and discover different towns and their surroundings? Then you are exactly right here, in the region Danube Upper Austria!

Between Passau and Sarmingstein near Grein there are 23 docking places which can be easily used during your boat trip. Many small and picturesque towns as well as the UNESCO City of Media Arts and the pearl of Strudengau are awaiting you already!

You like to combine your journey with cultural aspects of the Danube culture, such as visiting touristic sites or events etc.? Here you can find some information about the cultural area of the Danube region in Upper Austria. For people who like to discover the green surroundings of the Danube, a wide range of natural highlights can be found. Explore the Danube nature!

Further information and contact details of the docking places can be found below

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Docking places for Skippers


Boat dock Pyrawang

 Construction: landing stage (30m)River-km/Bank: 2213 / rightBerths: -Slip facility: -Infrastructure: -Sanitary equipment: -Catering: -Other: 6km to Esternberg

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Sportboothafen Kasten

Sportboothafen Kasten

Boat harbour of Kasten The idyllic village Kasten by the Danube encompasses a large boat harbour with a slipway, 10-tonne crane and approx. 300 seasonal berths of different sizes.A declared water-ski route with a starting float as well as a summer…

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Neustift im Mühlkreis

Boat dock Kramesau

 The boat harbour is situated 40 km from Passau between Engelhartszell and Niederranna. It idyllically lies at the Danube in front of a bourgeois restaurant and the Danube cycling path. From here, you can start from the Danube cycling path and have a…

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Haibach ob der Donau

Boat dock Schlögen

The Schlögen leisure centre, directly on the Danube loop. The absolute insider tip for real individualists - contact us on +43 7279 / 8241 Construction: harbour SchlögenRiver-km/Bank:  2187 / rightBerths: 200 seasonal and 40 guest mooringsSlip…

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Gasthof Reisinger
Haibach ob der Donau

Boat dock Inzell - Gasthof Reisinger

 Construction: landing stageRiver-km/Bank: right banksBerths: 1Slip facility: -Infrastructure:-Sanitary equipment: at the innCatering: at the innOther: Camp site

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Bootsanlegestelle Obermühl, Gierlinger
Obermühl an der Donau

Boat dock Obermühl - Donauparadies Gierlinger

 Construction: landing stageRiver-km/Bank: 2178 / leftBerths: 8Slip facility: yesInfrastructure: electricitySanitary equipment: -Catering: inn, mobile bakery

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Bootsanlegestelle Obermühl
Obermühl an der Donau

Boat dock Obermühl - Fischgasthof Aumüller

river kilometre: 2178.0left bankMooring for boats up to 8 m in length on floating jetties in the Obermühl boat harbour at the mouth of the Kleine Mühl. 

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Kirchberg ob der Donau

Boat dock Exlau

 Construction: landing stageRiver-km/Bank: 2170,7Berths:Slip facility: yesInfrastructure: -Sanitary equipment: at the innCatering: at the innOther: camp site

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St. Martin im Mühlkreis

Bootsanlegestelle Untermühl - Gasthof Ernst

 Facility: jetty berthsCurrent km / bank: 2168.03 / leftBerths: 10Slipway: yesInfrastructure: water, electricitySanitary facilities: at the innCatering: at the innOther: petrol station 6 km away

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St. Martin im Mühlkreis

Boat dock Untermühl - Sporting boat harbour

 Construction: landing stageRiver-km/Bank:  21868,03 / leftBerths: 50Slip facility: yesInfrastructure: electricity, waterSanitary equipment: public toilets at the nearby restaurant (80m)Catering: restaurant, in the villageOther: harbour operating…

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Bootsanlegestelle Aschach-Kaiserau
Aschach an der Donau

Boat dock Aschach-Kaiserau

 Construction: dock berthsRiver-km/Bank: 2168 / right banksBerths: 20Slip facility: yesInfrastructure: WaterSanitary equipment: yesCatering: at the innOther: camp site, 7km to the centre of Aschach

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Bootsanlegestelle Aschach-Markt
Aschach an der Donau

Boat dock Aschach-Markt

Mooring for pleasure craft up to ten metresCurrent km / bank: 2161 / rightBerths: 1-3 (depending on the length of the boat)Catering: Markt Aschach 

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Bootsanlegestelle Landshaag
Feldkirchen an der Donau

Boat dock Landshaag

 Construction: landing stage (lengthwise)River-km/Bank: 2159,4 / left banksBerths: 10Slip facility: yesInfrastructure: nearby gas stationSanitary equipment: yesCatering: Restaurant and shops in Landshaag and Aschach

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Boat doch Brandstatt

 Construction: landing stageRiver-km/Bank: 2157 / right banksBerths: 10Slip facility: yesInfrastructure: electricity on demandSanitary equipment: at the innCatering: at the inn

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Boat dock Mauthausen

 Construction: landing stageRiver-km/Bank: 2107 / leftBerths: 2Slip facility: -Infrastructure: -Sanitary equipment: -Catering: in the central village (300m), the mall “Donaupark” (200m)Other: currently not available due to building project flood dam

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Naarn im Machlande

Boat dock Au an der Donau

 Construction: landing stageRiver-km/Bank: 2107 / left banksBerths: 17Slip facility: possibility through clubsInfrastructure: water, electricitySanitary equipment: WCCatering: kiosk at the camp site, restaurants in the villageOther: camp site

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Bootsanlegestelle Grein

Boat dock Grein

 Construction: boat harbour GreinRiver-km/Bank: 2079,4 / left banksBerths:Slip facility: yesInfrastructure: electricity, waterSanitary equipment: toilet, shower, washroomCatering: cooking facilities and beveragesOther: Club house with common room, 5…

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St. Nikola an der Donau

Boat dock Gießenbach

For a cozy break at the Gießenbachmühle. The barge moorings provide docking options for 11 barges, that is primarily reserved for club members. Mooring facilities for guests are available.

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