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Donauschlinge Schlögen © Upper Austria Tourism / Steininger


Schärding, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Discover our alpacas and our farm shop

    We look forward to your visit to the farm shop every day! We are open Mon.-Fri. from

08:00-17:00 there for you!

    After a long journey at our destination!

    We have been interested in keeping alpacas since around 2011. We have repeatedly visited trade fairs, exhibitions, breeders and attended seminars and courses, but we have always taken the "sensible" route and put the matter to one side ... too little time, too big an investment, too ..., too ....

    But we kept coming across them anyway and this secret love for these animals wouldn't let us go.
    In 2017, a different kind of common sense prevailed.

    The love of family, life and alpacas prevailed! In search of deceleration, we have arrived here! We are happy about our animal addition!

    Why alpacas?

    Alpacas are relatively uncomplicated to keep. They are robust and adaptable, very clean animals and create communal defecation areas. They have incisors on their lower jaw and a chewing plate on their upper jaw, which is why an area grazed by alpacas looks like it has been mown with a lawnmower. As calloused soles, they cause almost no trampling damage.

    Alpacas radiate serenity, they don't like hustle and bustle. This forces you to be balanced and calm when dealing with them. Alpacas do not have to be killed to obtain a product. The "wool", technically known as fibre, is much finer than sheep's wool and has many more pleasant properties than just being warm.

    All in all, an alpaca is a perfect companion. In the truest sense of the word, because alpacas are also ideal as trekking, hiking and therapy animals.

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    Somewhat suitable for wheelchairs: Assistance is sometimes necessary. The measurements do not (fully) conform to the legally stipulated ÖNORM.


    Kainzbauernweg 10
    4780 Schärding

    Phone +43 7712 2362

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    Kainzbauernweg 10
    AT-4780 Schärding

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