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Verein Mühl4telöl

Mauthausen, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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The Mühl4telöl association was founded in November 2005 by 700 farmers with the 7 machinery rings of the Mühl4tviertel.
The aim and benefit is to use regional oil crops such as rapeseed to produce domestic protein animal feed on the one hand and oil for cooking oil, feed oil and fuel on the other. In Mauthausen, approx. 2700 tonnes of rapeseed are processed annually into approx. 800,000 litres of rapeseed oil and approx. 1,800 tonnes of rapeseed cake. The rapeseed cake is used as high-quality protein feed for cattle and pigs, and organic farms use our rapeseed cake as fertiliser for fruit and vegetable crops.

A large proportion of the rapeseed oil is supplied to Vereinigte Fettwarenindustrie Wels, where our rapeseed oil is processed into AMA-labelled Kronenöl, for example. Rapeseed oil is also used as animal feed in grain mixtures to bind dust and increase energy. As a fuel, our rapeseed oil is used directly in some vehicles that have been converted to run on vegetable oil or is blended with up to 50% diesel fuel.

New: from autumn 2016, our cold-pressed rapeseed oil "Voller Genuss" and our rapeseed oil "neutral" can also be purchased directly at the oil mill, Vormarktstraße 80, 4310 Mauthausen. Opening hours: Tuesday and Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00. Since then, our rapeseed oil has also been available in regional markets (Unimarkt, Strasser Markt, farm shops, etc.) and Mühl4telöl rapeseed oil is also being used more and more frequently in regional catering. Our rapeseed oil is suitable for hot and cold cooking and, as a very heat-resistant oil, is ideal for frying, baking, steaming and deep-frying. Mühl4telöl rapeseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Mühl4telöl is AMA, AGES and Agrovet controlled, pastus+, Red cert and OGT certified
Mühl4elöl - sustainably produced, regional quality.

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Verein Mühl4telöl
Vormarktstraße 80
4310 Mauthausen

Phone +43 676 821242040
E-Mail muehl4teloel@aon.at
Web www.muehl4teloel.at

Contact person
Mr Geschäftsführer Johann Schöfl

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