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Donausteig- Startplatz Vichtenstein

Vichtenstein, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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The Donausteig starting point is very popular as a viewing platform for the vast forests.
The Donausteig starting point "Vichtenstein" is located on a magnificent viewing platform in the centre of Vichtenstein, high above the narrow valley of the upper Danube. The views from here sweep across the deeply incised Danube valley to the highest peaks of the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest - simply fabulous!

A brief introduction to the view: through the wooden viewing window, we can see the historic town of Obernzell on the Danube; above it, the Großer Rachel (1,453 m) rises in the background, with the Großer Arber (1,456 m) - the highest peak in the Bavarian Forest - slightly to the left; to the north-east (just past Untergriesbach), the Plöckenstein (1,379 m), the highest peak in the Bohemian Forest, can be seen in the background.
Tip: There is a small panorama board on the viewing platform that explains the view towards the Bohemian Forest.

The distinction between the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest is surprising from a geological point of view, as they are one and the same (!) mountain range - a low mountain range around 100 kilometres long in the border region between Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Austria. In common parlance, the Bavarian Forest today refers to the German part of this mountain range, while in the Czech Republic and Austria it is called the Bohemian Forest.

Rather unknown: We are here in one of the longest of a total of nine breakthroughs along the Danube. This Danube valley stretches over 90 kilometres(!), from Hofkirchen in Bavaria to Aschach in Upper Austria. While the valley sides west of Passau are flatter and lower, here they rise steeply up to 300 metres.
Shortly after the Schlögener Schlinge is the highest elevation of the entire Danube course, which rises directly from the Danube - the Burgstall! This naturally makes it one of the seven Donausteig summits! We climb it on the Donausteig stage "1_N04 Obermühl-St.Martin".

Incidentally, the information board at the Donausteig starting point provides a brief overview of the history of Vichtenstein. While the legend "Glück gehabt am Teufelsstein" ("Good luck at the Devil's Stone") warns us to be careful of our own wishes - especially at the Teufelsbach stream after Vichtenstein Castle!

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Donausteig- Startplatz Vichtenstein
4091 Vichtenstein

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Gemeinde Vichtenstein
Vichtenstein Nr. 70
4091 Vichtenstein

Phone +43 7714 8055
Fax machine +43 7714 8055 - 31
E-Mail gemeinde@vichtenstein.ooe.gv.at
Web www.vichtenstein.ooe.gv.at

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