© Donauschlinge Schlögen © Upper Austria Tourism / Steininger
Donauschlinge Schlögen © Upper Austria Tourism / Steininger

City Fortification

Enns, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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The town fortifications was composed of inner and outer wall with kennel, ditch and rampart, 15 towers and 4 gates.
Of the defense towers still stand the Jewish Tower (Kaltenbrunner alley), the baker tower (at the end of Bräuer alley or in the Dr. Renner Road), the Pfaff tower (Pfarrgasse / Dr. Renner Road) and the "Ledererturm" (Wienerberg). Remains of the Linz gate, namely the "Torwärterhaus" with "Kragstellen" and machicolations, you can see from the end of Linzerstraßevhouse 32 (View from Schmidberg or alley). Integral part of the cityscape is the woman tower, the rest of the Women's Gate (Mauthausnerstraße).

Remains of the high and low walls can be seen in Stiegengasse - Ennsberg, the main road (1) and between the Bakery- and Pfaff tower, as well as in the field of Jewish tower.

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You can see parts of the city wall and the towers of the city gates.

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