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Schlögener Schlinge (c) WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/GoodMorningWorld_MSchillinger

Top nature highlights

Big forests, colourful flower meadows and burbling streams always accompany hikers. There are so many repeating and fascinating views on the Danube. And you, you have the possibility to be right in the middle of the nature's spectacle. The region is the perfect place to relax, get more enery and to take time out to breathe again.

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Top nature highlights


Natura 2000 area "Upper Danube Valley"

Life Project Donauleiten, nature reserve Steiner Fels and Castle Neuhaus. One of the most impressive landscape features are the steep rocky sites of the Donauleiten. Light pine tree and oak tree populations colonise these habitats. The reptile fauna…

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Feldkirchen an der Donau

Pesenbachtal Nature reserve

Natural jewel Pesenbachtal - the wild and romantic hiking classicThe Pesenbachtal in Bad Mühllacken is a unique natural area with a long tradition of healing. Under the motto "Paths to Healing", it invites its visitors to discover the Kneipp…

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Aulandschaft im Machland Nord

The suggested area of the European protected area “Machland Nord” extends from the power station Wallsee-Mitterkirchen in the west to the borders of the Danube near Hirschenau. In the south, the frontiers to Lower Austria form the borders. In the…

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The „Klamschlucht“ used to be an economical main artery in our region for centuries. Sawyers, millers, blacksmiths and charcoal burners used the force of the water and there was active life and business between the steep slopes and rocks beneath the…

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In former times, the beaver was spread in most parts of Europe. Intensive hunting by humans was responsible for its almost extinction in the middle of the 18th century It was a sought-after meat, fur and medicine supplier. Protection measures and…

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Europareservat Unterer Inn

A special jewel of the Innviertel is the Lower Inn European nature reserve, which is home to more than 300 bird species. The Lower Inn European nature reserve in Bavaria and Upper Austria stretches across 55 kilometres of river from the mouth of the…

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