© Danube Cycle Path © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/CMVisuals
© Danube Cycle Path © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/CMVisuals
Danube Cycle Path © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/CMVisuals

Danube Cycle Path

The Danube Cycle Path in Upper Austria lead from Passau via Linz to Grein. Discover important information about the cycle path's stages, tours, accommodations, holiday offers etc. - they might be very useful for planning your bike tour on the Danube Cycle Path.

150 km perfect cycling infrastructure 

In a total of 6 stages North and South of the Danube may the the route between the three-River-City Passau and Grein, the Pearl of the Strudengau-region, be covered on perfectly built cycle paths. 

Most likely it is the unique mixture of natural and cultural settings that is the magical appeal of the Danube and the Danube Cycle Path. And of course the fact that the towpaths – once created for the horses, which pulled ships upstream – can be used as ideal infrastructure for a cycle path.



The Danube Cycle Path follows trends and can offer much for e-bikers as well. The Upper Austrian energy company LINZ AG and Energie AG Oberösterreich have focused their efforts on the construction of charging stations. Many cycling-friendly establishments along the route can offer therefore free e-charging stations for e-bikers along the Danube Cycle Path. Attention: Do not forget your e-bike charger!

Bed & Bike Accommodation

A total of 22 bike friendly businesses from Passau to Grein were recognized by the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club) as so-called Bed & Bike Establishments, whose doors are open for cyclists along the Danube Cycle Path at all times. The establishments provide secure, partially covered bike parking sheds, "first aid" tools for bicycles, dry rooms for wet clothes, etc. and also e-charging stations, where the E-bike batteries can be recharged overnight.


Holiday Offers

bett+bike accommodations and Upper Austrian tour operators offer bookable holiday packages for a stay on Danube Cycle Path. You can choose your favourite offer from a variety of packages, differing in duration.


Roman rest areas along the Danube cycling path in Upper Austria

Along the Danube Cycle Path between Passau and St. Nikola on the former northern border of the Roman Empire (Danubian Limes) for now 18 Roman resting places were built, and more are yet to come. The places are built to serve the numerous cycling tourists along the Danube banks as resting areas with information about the Roman heritage in Upper Austria, the Danube Cycle Route and the respective local community. Thus the Roman resting places are an attraction by themselves.


Danube Cycle Path booklet

The popular and much-used Danube Cycle Path folder contains important information on biking along the Danube in Austria. In 13 sections, clear maps show the exact course of the cycle path from Passau to Bratislava. In addition to information about accommodation establishments, one can find information on the different highlights of the many Danube River towns and cities. As well as contact information of municipalities and tourism associations, the folder includes bike service points, bike ferries, power station crossings, and ferry docks. Bookable offers of several bike tour operators are also listed in the brochure, as well as ferry timetables and of course information to the e-charging stations along the cycle path. Amongst all other information’s there are tour suggestions, which have been specially tailored for families and hints on the treasures of the Romans along the Danube Limes are included.

Brochures are for free and can be directly ordered online.

The interactive bicycle map gives you the opportunity to plan bicycle tours at the Danube Cycle Path, to download GPS-data and to print the tours as a PDF file including detailed descriptions.

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