© Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourist Association Danube Upper Austria / Kaindlstorfer
Donausteig Donauschlinge Schlögen © Tourist Association Danube Upper Austria / Kaindlstorfer

Labelling/Signposts at the Donausteig

Finding your path at Donausteig

The Donausteig and the Donausteig circuits have their own orientation system:

  • Tour planner on the website (tour descriptions, download options etc.)
  • Stories about the Donausteig stages (detailed information about the history along the Donausteig)
  • Starting points, resting places, panorama places directly along the Donausteig (information boards, Donausteig furniture, Danube legends etc.)
  • Donausteig signposts
  • Donausteig markers


Signposts & Markings

The Donausteig and the Donausteig circuits have their own signposting system – yellow signs with blue or green arrowheads and Donausteig logo. 

  • Donausteig stage: blue arrow
  • Donausteig loop: green arrow

In order not to detract from the beauty of the landscape, only as many signposts as necessary and as few as possible have been erected. Thus, they only indicate rough changes of direction or clarify ambiguous crossing situations. In the intermediate areas, markings in the form of the Donausteig logo or simplified color markings provide orientation.


Rest and panorama places

Donausteig also means slowing down and enjoying! To help you do this, we have set up our own rest and panorama spots at selected points. On information boards you will find interesting facts about the tour, the location and Donausteig legends. At panorama boards you can enjoy fabulously beautiful views of the Danube region. Donausteig furniture invites you to linger.



The Donausteig logo is the recurring symbol of the Donausteig. The blue symbolizes the water of the Danube, the green the surrounding landscape. Both halves are connected by a white double loop in the shape of the famous "Schlögener Donauschlinge" - the emblem of the Donausteig.


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Website and tour descriptions

The website of the Donausteig is a central part of its orientation system. This supports you in choosing the best route and has helpful downloads for your hike. You can plan your route there with an interactive tour planner. Receive detailed tour descriptions and unique stage descriptions for the respective hikes. Of course, GPS tracks are also available. This allows you to individually track the fascination of the Donausteig.


Maps and brochures

Donausteig Hiking Map & Donausteig Tours

  • 23 stages and 49 round tours
  • Maps and tour descriptions  
  • Information about the Donausteig
  • Gastronomy and accommodation
  • Sights of the fabulous cultural life and "Natur(t)raum Donau"


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