© Aschach on the Danube © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH
Aschach on the Danube © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH


Thyrnau, Bayern, Deutschland
High on the banks of the Danube, on the southern spurs of the Bavarian Forest, at an altitude of 450 metres, lies the climatic spa of Thyrnau-Kellberg. Thanks to the favourable geographic position on the ever ice-free River Danube during the Ice Ages, Der Thyrnauer, a large hand-axe dating from Palaeolithic times, is the highlight of the Stone Age collection at the town hall. And there is of course much to see from later Stone Age eras – relating, for example, to spinning, baking and beauty. From the world of men, there are over 50 stone celts and axes, all finds from around Thyrnau, on display here. You’ll also find women’s jewellery from our Celtic forefathers, and even a small bronze Roman lion which has somehow accidentally found its way to us from the southern bank of the Danube, the province of Noricum.

On entering the church at Kellberg, the old parochial centre of our municipality, one’s eyes cannot fail to be drawn to the side altar on the left – the Ottilia Altar. The group of three figures likewise dates from about 1480, with St. Ottilia at the centre, St. Catherine on the viewer’s left, and St. Barbara on the right. Groups of three women like this one reflect traditional depictions of Celto-Germanic female deities – one only has to think of the Three Norns of Norse mythology. Ottilia was the original patron saint of the church at Kellberg.

Our own time has likewise brought forth works of art which have been given a place in our town, like the St. Ottilia Fountain on Kurgästehaus-Platz. This life-size bronze sculpture is the protectress of our healing spring on Arzberg. The statue is the creation of the Passau sculptress Renate König-Schalinski.


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