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Rastplatz Ipfbach

Asten, Oberösterreich, Österreich
The rest area is located outside Asten on the Ipfbach.

Information: Municipal office

Streams - lifelines in the landscape...
The Linz basin is characterised by the Danube as the dominant landscape element. The riparian forests are the most important natural area, outside of which intensive agriculture is practised. Outside the densely populated areas, there are individual settlement fragments, hamlets and individual farms, as well as scattered industrial estates. In this landscape, which is heavily characterised by human activity, it is the remaining streams and the gallery forests that accompany them that represent the most valuable areas in terms of nature conservation. Watercourses are important networking elements and serve as habitats and migration routes for many animals and plants. The Tagerbach, Ipfbach and Kristeinbach streams are partly near-natural in appearance, but are also heavily regulated in places.

Take to your heels or duck down - that was the motto when the Wild Hunt roamed the countryside. You can read about how people fared in the Danube legend "The Wild Hunt".
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Rastplatz Ipfbach
Nähe Erlengraben
4481 Asten

Phone +43 7224 66381 - 0
Fax machine +43 7224 66381 - 11
E-Mail gemeinde@asten.ooe.gv.at
Web www.asten.ooe.gv.at

Contact person

Marktgemeinde Asten
Marktplatz 2
4481 Asten

Phone +43 7224 66381 - 0
Fax machine +43 7224 66381 - 11
E-Mail gemeinde@asten.ooe.gv.at
Web www.asten.ooe.gv.at/

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