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Shipping Pier Linz-Lentos Nr. 14

Linz, Oberösterreich, Österreich
Stream km: 2134.9+42 to 2134.8+46
Bank: right bank
Facility: pipe pontoon
Berth arrangement: 2 (max. width 32 m)
Boarding height: 1,60 m
Infrastructure: water, garbage, bus access River miles: 2134,9+42 bis 2134,9-67
Shore:right bank
System: tube pontoon
Harbour regulations: 2 boats (max. width 32 m)
Boarding height: variable
Infrastructure: water, sewage, electricity, waste, bus access
“Linzer Torte and Anton Bruckner”
All 4 shipping piers are centrally situated and only a few minutes’ walk or drive away from the most important highlights of Linz: Old town, main square, Linz’ Cathedral or the Pöstlingberg.
This shipping pier, which takes its name from the nearby event and concert hall, offers perfect infrastructure.
The “Brucknerhaus” is not only an impressive example of modern architecture, but also a hub of cultural and social life in Linz. With the two poles tradition and future it reaches a unique, distinctive position that found worldwide recognition. The Ars Electronica festival and the “Linzer Klangwolke” are two internationally very successful events of the Brucknerhaus.

Throughout the whole year.

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Shipping Pier Linz-Lentos Nr. 14
4020 Linz

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