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Donauschlinge Schlögen © Upper Austria Tourism / Steininger

Donausteig Stage 3_N07 Linz - Steyregg: „Summit assault in the Linzer Basin“

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Starting place: 4020 Linz
Destination: 4221 Steyregg

duration: 6h 30m
length: 22,0 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 299m
Altitude difference (downhill): 305m

Lowest point: 245m
Highest point: 541m
difficulty: difficult
condition: very difficult
panoramic view: Great panorama

Paths covering:
Asphalt, Path / trail, Gravel, Hiking trail

Short description:
The Donausteig-simply fabulous! Summit assault onto the Pfenningberg (mountain) - one of the seven Danube climbing summits! On this contrasting stage we hike from Linz in the Linzer basin along the forest top of the Pfenningberg (mountain) through through the mühlviertler cultural landscape to Steyregg on the edge of the Donau plains. We discover Linz as a capital of culture, the unknown world of the "Danube" waterway, Vierkanthöfe (farms) as perfect forms of farmstead, the myth of the Lochsteine (stones), the medieval town of Steyregg...

Technique: *

Quality of experience: *****

Recommended season:

  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October


  • Multi-stage route
  • Scenic
  • Refreshment stops available
  • Botanical highlights
  • Summit route

Seal of approval:

  • Quality route according to "Österreichisches Wandergütesiegel"

The culture capital of Linz is the starting point for this leg of the Donausteig. Linz is located on the northern edge of the Linzer basin and is divided into two parts by the Danube. It has always been an important river crossing which gives Linz its importance and prosperity. From the magnificent main square we walk first over the Nibelungen bridge steeped in history to Urfahr. Then, we follow the Danube along the Treppelweges (path) downstream. Numerous cultural highlights let us experience the "capital of culture" and the Danube shows us its qualities as an urban recreational area. In the Danube bend, that should have given Linz its name, we leave the current and walk through the Au (plain) to Pleschinger Lake. Our Summit storm begins shortly after this popular swimming lake. On a rural road we quickly gain altitude. Initially through forests, then through a wonderful rural cultural landscape. With increasing altitude, a high contrast view of the Linzer basin fascinates: perfect country Idyll from the backgrounds of the Linz district - simply fabulous! The Donausteig-resting point "Pfenning/Linz Bergblick" can be wonderful to philosophize about this country at this unique setting. A little later begins the peak forest and forest roads bring us higher. Over a detour, we eventually reach the forest Summit of the Pfenningberg (mountain). Congratulations - here we are on one of the seven Donausteig peaks! A few metres Northwest of the summit crossa forest clearing allow a hidden look back to the Nibelungen bridge and the old town of Linz. The descent leads over forest roads to the Donausteig-Resting point „Mühlviertelblick“ at the northern forest edge. Here the Mühlviertler uplands reveals themselves in all their beauty: meadows, fields, woodland, farmsteads, wayside crosses,... On farm and dirt roads we walk through this traditional rural cultural landscape in a long right curve down into the wooded valley of Reichenbach. The meanders of the lonely Reichenbach (stream) bring us then passed the Donausteig-resting point "Reichenbach/Devil chapel", and to the rural village Pulgarn at the beginning of the Danube plain. Here, the faded glory of the former monastery Pulgern leaves us thinking about the impermanence and values in life. We hike from the rural settlement through the fertile Danube plain to the old main road. We follow the road approximately 2 miles north into the historic town of Steyregg. A Donausteig-stage of scenic contrasts and hidden gems - simply beautiful!


Discover the following features with the Donausteig-diary:

-Linz-a true capital of culture

-The castle of Linz-the center of the Empire

-Lentos Art Museum-a museum as an art object

-Ars Electronica Center-Playground of the future

-Parish Church of Urfahr-portal between history and future

-The Urfahraner market

-Brucknerhaus-harmony in perfection

-forum metal-art in the Park

- ...


Download: Donausteig-diary "Stage 3_N07 Linz Steyregg" - yet to follow!

From Linz's main square we cross on the right side of the Nibelungen bridge and continue to Urfahr. In front of the Ars Electronica Center a "hidden" path for cyclists and walkers brings us to the right down to the Donaulände (plain). We follow this then downstream. After a few metres, we pass the Donausteig-starting point "Linz". Later continue under the railway bridge and under the motorway bridge through until the Donausteig turn left into the Pleschinger Au (river) at the Danube bend (shipyard on the other side of the Danube). In a left arc, we reach a flooding dam. Next continue on this to the right. After approx. 600 m we leave the dam on the left and circle the Pleschinger Lake on the north side (near the waterline), until a walkway leads us left away to the parking lot. There, cross the bridge and then continue the road on the right uphill to the Pleschinger State Road. Here turn right and after approx. 50 m turn left. Now, a paved road leads through a wooded area and then at the rural cultural landscape it leads uphill to the Donausteig-resting point "Pfenning/Linz Bergblick". We continue walking the road uphill, keeping to the leftat the next fork (second Vierkanthof (farm)) and reach after a forest stretch an intersection. Turn left uphill back into the forest. Shortly thereafter, the road follows the edge of the forest and turns into a sand road. The peak forest of the Pfenningberg (mountain) begins here. At the next fork turn left uphill, where we are at a Y‑Kreuzung. From here, a detour to the left leads us to the top of the Pfenningberg (mountain). To do this, we hike the forest road uphill and join another forestry road to the left. On this, we go south 100 m, then continue on a footpath to the Summit of the Pfenningberg (mountain). From the Y‑Kreuzung to the right however we go gentle up and down to the Donausteig-resting point „Mühlviertelblick“ (lies a bit off from the road at the edge of the forest). A few meters later, the road leaves the peak forest. The Donausteig bends now off to the left (before the Inn Daxleitner) and leads on a meadow path down the hill to an asphalt road. We follow this left over the hill North and at the next crossroads (after the Vierkanthof (farm) on the right hand side) turn right. Passed the horse farm the asphalt road leads downhill to the next farm. Shortly before the farm we turn right onto a gravel road and walk along it through a forest down to the farm hamlet Holzwinden. At the T junction turn left onto the main street left and after 80 m turn right again. On a dirt road, continue through a short section of forest and left past on a large square courtyard, we reach the next T‑Kreuzung. Here and right before the next farm left over a dirt road down to the Reichenbach (stream). Along its left bank we hike down into the Valley, passed the Donausteig-resting point "Reichenbach/Teufelskapelle" to the village of Pulgarn. There, we follow the main road in an "angular" s-curve, into the Danube plain and up to the railway line. Before the Rails, we go towards Steyregg 1.5 km along the old national road. In Steyregg, we turn right at the first opportunity and reach the Seiler gate (old city gate) in a long left arc. Continue left outside along the city walls where we finally reach the Donausteig-starting point "Steyregg".


To facilitate the orientation, the Donausteig was provided with its own system of orientation - you will find the descriptionhere  .

Linz is  the  culture highlight on the Donausteig-take time to explore its magnificence! There are also many possibilites to combine culture sites of the city with different hiking opportunities. Simply perfect!

sturdy shoes

Additional information:
WGD Tourismus GmbH 
Lindengasse 9
4040 Linz, Austria
Tel. +43(0)732/7277-800
Fax. +43(0)732/7277-804 


Tourist Information Linz
Hauptplatz 1
4020 Linz
Tel.: +43(0)732/7070-2009
Fax: +43(0)732/7070-542009
www.linz-tourismus.info und www.linz.at/tourismus 

Municipal Office Steyregg
Weissenwolfstraße 3
4221 Steyregg
Tel.: +43(0)732/640155

Starting point: Linz- Main square (Linz has two Donausteig-starting points, however this one lies very central: The Donausteig-starting point for stage „3_S06 Linz-Enns“ is located on the east exit of the Linzer Schlosses (castle); the Donausteig-starting point for the stage „3_N07 Linz-Steyregg“ is located in Urfahr on the danube embankment in front of the Ars-Electronica-Center).
Destination: Steyregg-the Donausteig-starting point "Steyregg" lies on the east side of the tennis court's parking lots north of the Linzer main street

further information:
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Accessibility / arrival

Getting there
The starting point of this stage is Linz's Main square  (Navigation: A-4020 Linz, Hauptplatz).

Public Transit
Linz can be reached by bus and Train. A trasnfer back from Steyregg is possible as well by bus or train. Please take into consideration that the train stations are further away from their respective centy centers! Timetables online at http://www.ooevv.at  .

At the main square there are no parking possibilites, however there are short duration parking zones surrounding it. You can park free of charge at the Urfahranermarkts (market) (appox. 15 walking minutes away from the main square; notice that there is a road block due to the market - information at   www.urfahranermarkt.at  ). In a ratius of about 10 walking minutes there are a number of parking garages.

Travelling by public transport
Route planner for independent travellers
Most economical season
  • Spring
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  • Autumn

Please get in touch for more information.

Donausteig Stage 3_N07 Linz - Steyregg: „Summit assault in the Linzer Basin“
WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH
Lindengasse 9
4040 Linz

Phone +43 732 7277 - 800
Fax machine +43 732 7277 - 804

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 Interactive elevation profile

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Starting place: 4020 Linz
Destination: 4221 Steyregg

duration: 6h 30m
length: 22,0 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 299m
Altitude difference (downhill): 305m

Lowest point: 245m
Highest point: 541m
difficulty: difficult
condition: very difficult
panoramic view: Great panorama

Paths covering:
Asphalt, Path / trail, Gravel, Hiking trail