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Natural reserve areas

Nature reserve areas along the Bavarian and Upper Austrian Danube. 

There are many different nature reserves in the region of Bavaria and Danube Upper Austria. Those conservation areas are of high importance in order to protect endangered flora and fauna. The Natura 2000 areas and further nature reserves are listed according the course of the Danube.

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Natural reserve areas


Nature reserve "Valley of the small stream Kößl"

The nature reserve "Valley of the small Kößlbaches" exists already since 1996. A large part of the nature reserve belongs to the nature conservancy association.1. BURGSTALLThe castle ruin Harschheim ("Burgstall") was built in the beginning of the…

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Natura 2000 area "Upper Danube Valley"

Life Project Donauleiten, nature reserve Steiner Fels and Castle Neuhaus. One of the most impressive landscape features are the steep rocky sites of the Donauleiten. Light pine tree and oak tree populations colonise these habitats. The reptile fauna…

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Natura 2000 area "FFH area Upper Danube and Aschach valley"

The FFH-Gebiet Oberes Donau- und Aschachtal is another important habitat for endangered flora and fauna. The 7,119 ha big FFH reserve "Oberes Donau- und Aschachtal" consists of two totally different parts: The Danube valley with its steep slopes…

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Neustift im Mühlkreis

Naturschutzgebiet Rannatal

Due to rare animals and plants, the Ranna valley was declared as a nature reserve in 2000. In this area it is possible to do different hiking tours in unspoiled nature- far away from a hectic and stressful life. The Rannatal is a piece of old and…

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Waldkirchen am Wesen

Nature reserve "Kleines Kößlbachtal"

The small Kößlbachtal was declared as a nature reserve in 1996. The nature reserve "Kleines Kößbachtal" is a special feature between Passau and Schlögen. The stream has created a V-shaped erosion valley with steep slopes, rocks and subnatural…

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Kirchberg ob der Donau

Natura 2000 area "Bird reserve Upper Danube valley"

The bird reserve Oberes Donautal is one of the most important habitats for endangered birds such as the black stork, eagle owl or the wasp buzzard. The 924 ha big European bird reserve "Oberes Donau- und Aschachtal" consists of two totally different…

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Feldkirchen an der Donau

Pesenbachtal Nature reserve

Natural jewel Pesenbachtal - the wild and romantic hiking classicThe Pesenbachtal in Bad Mühllacken is a unique natural area with a long tradition of healing. Under the motto "Paths to Healing", it invites its visitors to discover the Kneipp…

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FFH- and bird reserve Traun-Danube-Alluvial Meadows

With the FFH and bird sanctuary Traun-Donau-Auen, an ecosystem that is species-rich and close to nature in many areas was preserved in the middle of the Upper Austrian central area. The Donausteig touches the Traun-Danube-Meadows which is a very…

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Natura 2000 area "Machland North"

This natural area consists of meadows, arable farming, rough pesture and lawn. Many different nature reserve friendly and valuable habitats can be found in this area. The Machland is characterised by extended meadow areas that merge into lower…

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