Closure on the Danube cycle path R1 between Kobling and Kaiserau

Due to rock stabilization work due to an acute risk of falling rocks, the Danube Cycle Path R1 on the south bank in the area between Kobling (municipality of Haibach) and Kaiserau (municipality of Aschach) is expected to be completely closed until the end of April.
The good news is that this closure can be bypassed from the start of the season on April 1st using the Kobling and Kaiserhof ferries.

Further information

Haibach ob der Donau

Car ferry Kobling - Obermühl

Welcome to the Danube ferry!For people, cars and bicycles.Ferry runs at ferry times as required. Please ring the bell... 

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Aschach an der Donau

Transverse and longitudinal route Kaiserhof - Untermühl - Bremsberg

Our own ferry The stations are Kaiserhof, Untermühl and Bremsberg. The ferry can easily be called from the stationsby radio. Short waiting times are to be expected. 

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