Closure on the Danube Cycle Path between Passau and Obernzell

Due to renovation work on the Danube Cycle Path between Passau and Obernzell, it will be temporarily closed from 27 September 2021 for an estimated period of 4 weeks.

In order to disrupt cycling traffic as little as possible, the work will be carried out at night and, due to the long distance, the work will be carried out in sections. During the closure period at night (8.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.), cycle traffic in the relevant section will be transferred from the actual cycle path to the main road. The respective diversion routes for cyclists are signposted accordingly. During the day, the cycle path can be used again. However, caution is advised: Although danger spots in the area of the measure will be secured, bumps may still occur in individual places. Cyclists are therefore requested to drive considerately.

Change to the south bank of the Danube in Passau and follow the Danube Cycle Path R1. You can change back to Obernzell with the Danube ferry.